SAFE (SAFE Agent Fully Endorsed) is a mark which denotes that your lettings and management agent is part of a Client Money Protection Scheme which will protect your money in the event that anything should happen to it.

To learn more about Client Money Protection (CMP) Schemes, please click here


Warning: Your money may be at risk if you do not use an agent who is part of a Client Money Protection Scheme.

Important Note...

Client Money Protection (CMP) is separate to statutory deposit protection. As a tenant it is important that you find out from your agent where your deposit is protected if they are dealing with this. You should then verify with the relevant deposit scheme that the deposit is protected properly. If the landlord is handling the deposit protection be sure you find out this information from your landlord.

For more information on deposit protection please visit:

You will also find the Government’s How to Rent guide a helpful document if you are renting click here





Awareness Week

Awareness Week

A mark of confidence

When moving into a new property, it’s going to mean paying a chunk of money upfront.

When looking for a property to rent you must check out if the agent is part of a CMP scheme look for the SAFEagent logo, a mark to offer you peace of mind.

The benefits:

  • Any lettings firm registered as a SAFEagent operates a designated client account to hold landlords and tenants money completely separately from the operating funds of the firm
  • The firm’s accounting practices are independently monitored on an annual basis
  • The firm will be part of a CMP scheme operated by an industry body or organisation entirely separate to the firm.

It’s a legal requirement

From 27 May 2015, under the requirements set out in the Consumer Rights Act, it became compulsory for lettings and management agents to display in their offices and on their website whether or not they are part of a Client Money Protection Scheme so it is important that you check whether they can offer you that peace of mind in knowing that your money is protected.