SAFE – Safe Agent Fully Endorsed – is a mark denoting firms that protect landlords and tenants money through client money protection schemes.

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It’s a legal requirement

From 27 May 2015, under the requirements set out in the Consumer Rights Act, it became compulsory for all agents to display in their offices and on their websites whether or not they are part of a Client Money Protection Scheme.

By choosing to register with the SAFEagent campaign you are associating with other likeminded agents who want to offer consumers the financial protection they deserve as well as peace of mind through knowing that their money is protected through a  CMP scheme.

How to Register

To become a SAFEagent your firm must be part of a recognised CMP scheme and a member of a regulatory organisation. Using the SAFEagent logo will show your clients that you are committed to their protection.

There are now over 3000 registered SAFEagents througout the UK and the numbers continue to grow.

In addition to the use of our logo on your literature signing up to SAFEagent provides the following benefits:

  • A low cost way to distinguish your firms from those who do not offer financial protection through CMP schemes
  • An easily recognisable logo for tenants and landlords
  • A free listing on our site to promote your firm
  • Promotional material for you to use in your office
  • Promotional material for SAFEagent Awareness Week run annually to promote the campaign

What does it cost to register as a SAFEagent?

The annual marketing fee is £55+VAT* for a single office firm and for multi-site offices £15+VAT for each additional office. SAFEagent will invoice firms for payment on confirmation of registration.

*Agents who are part of NALS - Annual marketing fee £40+VAT and for multi-site offices £15+VAT for each additional office.

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